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Jenni will never be forgotten. Her faith, love, and inspiration will remain with us forever. However, it is an unfortunate truth that memories do fade with time. To celebrate all of the best times we had with Jenni and to help hold on to those memories, I want to share some of the fondest memories I have of Jenni. I'll add to this list over time... there just isn't any way to list everything at one time...
  • Rolling Jenni around on a hospital pole when we were supposed to be walking
  • The Spagettios and Kool-Aid dinner (on a blanket in the floor and candle lit) in Helder Hall after a bad day
  • Dressing up and going to a Broadway show just to get turned away at the door because we came on the wrong night
  • Seeing the Lion King on Broadway 24 hours later
  • Almost dropping her in the dip right after "You may now kiss the bride..."
  • Watching four episodes of Heroes a day until we finished the first two seasons
  • Cleaning the house and cooking dinner for our anniversary because I didn't have enough money for a real present
  • Writing papers and playing cards straight through the night at Waffle House, then going to class and crashing until late afternoon
  • Watching the sunrise on Christmas morning from a hospital room... twice...
  • Driving to Concord for two stops... Sticky Fingers and The Loft...
  • The trashcan, the mud, and the puddle... three battles in/around West Hall that I won... (she would disagree, though)
  • Wooter (water), Ford (forehead), and Deddy (daddy)
  • "Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood!"
  • Me: "Lawson can't be much shorter than me... 6'1 maybe?" Jenni: "No, Josh. He's 5'11." (She was right.)
  • Playing games on the laptop while she watched Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives.
  • Wearing a hat all the time at WCU so hers wouldn't seem so out of place.
  • All of my students who flirted with her (she didn't like it... I thought it was funny)
  • Going to all of those Carolina games the first year we were married... Jenni bought us mini season passes for my birthday...
  • Dancing in front of all the kids at Rohanen
  • Getting accused of beating up on one another after we "fought" during dance practice
  • Listening to Casting Crowns songs for years because they were the only CDs she kept in her car 
  • Going to the beach with Melissa & Aladdin (and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches)
  • All the card games she won even though she claimed to not be any good
  • Seeing Jenni play with Maddie through a glass door because little kids weren't allowed in on 9200
  • "That was heavenly..." (when I shared my meatball sub with her in the Asheville hospital after she'd had nothing but hospital food for days)
  • Taking her "shortcut" through the UNC campus to get back to the parking deck and getting hurt climbing through a construction site
  • The look in her eyes when I gave her Coco on Christmas Eve
  • "Boys, boys, boys!" (when the Tar Heels were playing badly)
  • This story
  • This poem 
  • Long walks on campus at UNCP after midnight just talking
  • Too many thank you's
  • That horrible Willard movie
  • Our first date... Dreamcatcher and Bojangles
  • Second date... Bojangles and Walden Books (we were such nerds)
  • Breaking that chair in Pine Hall
  • Having to buy Fabuloso because she thought it smelled so much better than the other cleaners
  • "Mrs. Cornwell's Prison" at Rohanen Junior High... made with blue tape on the floor
  • Taking Ali and Hunter to Hickory Dickory Dock
  • And many more that I'll add when I have more time...
Please share your own fondest and funniest memories by posting comments below, and feel free to post again and again as you remember things and return to the site.

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Anonymous said...

These kinds of things are going to be what keeps you going. You have to be strong & I know you will be. As I had said in a previous blog, Jenni was very strong. I still can't get over the days she went to class and other activities at UNCP when she felt so bad she couldn't hardly go. Remember all the happy times and I am sure there are many. You are correct, time will heal things but you and alot of other people will always have memories of our precious Jenni.

Lynn Hayes-UNCP Teaching Fellows

Anonymous said...

I will always remember Jenni and the great relationship that you two had. Please know that you are in my prayers Josh and that Jenni's prescence will never be forgotten!

Porcia-UNCP Teaching Fellow

Charlene said...

I remember when Jenny was little she would see a dog in our yard and she and Judi would run squeeling and giggling to her grandmother's carport because a 2 ft wall is a castle fortress when its at grandma's house. I also remember how kind she was not to point out what a knucklehead my little dog is for running headfirst into a tree trying to play with her dog! I like the funny memories best so I'll try to remember her with those.

jamie goodson said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Even though I have never met you guys. my heart and prayers go out to you.
Jamie Goodson

Anonymous said...

I remember Jenni and I getting up sooo early and going to school to run in the gym. I also remember one day when she wouldn't let the kids leave bc they were so loud and one little boy jumped out her window. She was so upset about but we laughed later. And of course, decorating the lounge lady style to get a rise out of the guys at work. I can still see her enthusiasm for a joke and her smile. And I remember how she told me you guys would ride up for a Carolina game and eat sandwiches to save money. That's been me lately and she taught me that!


Melissa said...

There are so many times that I've been remembering this past week. You know I'll post again and again. Here are a few for tonight.

-How her smile and laugh were infectious when she and Jessica gave me a tour of UNCP when the Teaching Fellows hosted an open house. I knew that I wanted to be her friend.

-The way she would always call me Maylissa...that's how she wrote it in letters and emails too.

-All the nights we'd lie awake and talk about everything and nothing at the same time (the nights that she was actually in the room and not at Waffle House)

Anonymous said...

I too, have sooooo many memories of Jenni, that it is hard to narrow it down to one or two. I am sure that I will be back to post again and again also. Jenni and I embarked on the adventure of college together...where most of our memories were shared...

I remember our first day in the dorms at UNCP...we were both excited and nervous about college and being roommates...and how we both sat up straight in the bed in the middle of the night because it sounded like the train was coming through the door...gotta love the

I remember Jenni making everyone cry in our Senior English class (in HS) as she presented her anthology about her mother...

I remember when Jenni came over to my room in Pine Hall to ask me for advice on what to wear to "go out with a friend" as she was grinning from ear to ear...(I already knowing who this "friend" was). She was in love with Josh from the very beginning....

I remember when Jenni called Adam and Manuel in the middle of the night to make one of those infamous trips to Waffle House--while Adam was student teaching...she left the longest message on the answering machine...that we still have recorded....

I look forward to reading everyone's memories about our Jenni. Sending everyone prayers and love.

Jessica (Arredondo) Lowery

Our Sipe Family-- Matt,Val,and Gizmo said...

I three have a ton of memories that I cherish of Jenni. She always had a way of bringing a little sunshine to my rainy days. I only could hope that I filled her days with the smallest of portion of that same joy.
-I remember the day that Jenni first moved in with me at Western, in Helder. She was scared of our beds being bunked and her having to climb up top with her declining health.

-I remember first meeting Jenni when her voice was gone, and calling her cell phone to get her voicemail-- just so I would know what she was supposed to sound like.

-The two of us telling people that she did have laryngitis at times, just so we didn't have to explain that her vocal cord was paralyzed.

-I remember one of our first nights at BSU (Baptist Student Union) and Josh was tickling her or something and her wig fell off. She played it off so beautifully, but I definitely think that was her last time wearing it. She didn't need it... she was beautiful with her bald head.

-I remember how scared she was to cut all of her hair off. Almost as if that was admitting the Lymphoma was winning-- so we didn't cut it right away.. at least until she was ready.

-Then going to Ciji's room and letting her cut it to Jenni's comfort level.

-I remember coming in one day during her 1st round of chemo and Jenni was laying in the floor doing sit ups, despite the fact that her nausea level was outrageous. Her strength and determination was always and inspiration.

-I remember how ill she was about us being indecisive on the shoes we were going to wear on her wedding day. I think she was so mad she coulda cried--- instead, we laughed.

-I remember triple dog daring Josh to dip Jenni on the "You may now kiss the bride" part of the wedding.... and he did it-- nearly dropping her. That was a laugh that was to remain forever.

-I remember at random times in the day thinking of what Jenni was doing at that moment, when I could call her for a morale booster, or what she and Josh had planned for dinner just because I needed my Jenni fix.

-On my wedding day, I remember her helping me with my lipstick. I had purchased 4 or 5 differnt kinds, but still ended up using hers.

-I specifically asked her and Josh to honor me and Matt by signing our marriage license. I felt strongly in my heart that needed to sign it for some reason--- not knowing it may have been a foreshadow from the Lord.

-Helping her set up her classroom at Grandview, both years. And putting the kids names on folders, the seating chart, and grade book just because she liked my handwriting.

-I enjoyed all of our shopping excusions, dinner nights with the boys, girl nights, interruptions on guy night-- just so we could all talk, and learning to play Magic the Gathering with her.

There are so many more... I may have to come back and edit them later. Life would not have been the same without her in it, nor do I think it will be the same going forward. But I have excellent memories of all we did together in the 5 years that I was blessed to know her.

May her memory live on through this blog and in our lives forever.
-Valerie Sipe

Magen, Carly, Tanner, and Sarah (Her students) said...

Words can't describe our AWESOME teacher/friend so we did our best... strong, corageous, brave, joyful, happy, guide, friend, family, believer, gorgeous, memory maker, hopeful, amazing, put others first.... we could go on and on.. :) Thank you Mrs. Cornwell for all these memories:

Michael Bradshaw tackling her "well trying to hug her" when Mrs. Embry told him to go give her a BIG hug :) Frankie and Luke tying her shoe laces together when hiding under her desk... until Frankie ruined it by laughing. Playing beach volleyball in her classroom even when she said to "stop"... :P Her picking on me (magen) for being the only duke fan in the classroom, and she never let me forget it :) Putting our whole field trip together that we will be going on this week. Teaching us not to talk like them ol' hillbillays :). LIstening to our raps (projects) and trying to get "down" with them. Letting Frankie, Luke, and Jack wear tank tops to school and grills (aka tin foil). Always making sure that we knew EXACTLY how to do our projects EVERY time :P Gave us extra days cause she knew we were procrastinators and we she believed we could do better.. one time it was because of a carolina game and she knew she would not be able to grade them anyways... :)

You will be in our hearts FOREVER!

<3 Magen Hull, Tanner Clifton, Carly Scarborough, and Sarah Bell

Anonymous said...

I remember playing volleyball with Jenni at temple Christian School. She loved to play and she was great at it. One time we road about an hour and half to an away game and I can remember sitting there talking to jenni, she had the most beautiful smile and she just glowed with beauty! She was so beautiful not only on the outside but her personality made her beautiful on the inside as well. She always seemed to be able to make you smile even when you were having the worst of days!
You are in my thoughts and Prayers!
Christina Beach,RN(Rockingham NC)

Anonymous said...

One of the easiest things to remember about Jenni is her love of Bojangles Sweet Tea. It seems like every morning she had her sweet tea in that huge cup. She used to talk about how much she loved that tea. Jenni and I would stand in the hallway together during class change and talk about how classes were going. She and I would vent to each other about how our students were not turning in assignments or they didn't study for our tests. We would also laugh at things that had happened during class, and she was always smiling. Of course, teenagers can get loud in the hallway, so I also remember the two of us shouting "Go to class!" Ms. Brittain, another teacher on the hall, always told Jenni she didn't know how "something so small can be so loud." Jenni and I were next door neighbors, and I can remember a couple times having to go next door to see what all the commotion was in her class. I walked into students doing raps about propaganda or playing a review game they were really into. Her class seemed like there was never a dull moment. Although I only got the privilege to have Jenni in my life for one year, I will never forget the things she taught me: determination, grace, strength, and humility. I know God placed me at Grandview Middle School so I could know her. Thank you Jenni for the lessons. Wendy Lloyd

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Jenni at Teaching Fellow events, but my most recent memories are of reading this blog and seeing how VERY MUCH she is loved by everyone who was ever touched by her.

I can only hope to be loved half as much as I go through life.

Hugs and prayers to all of you, Judi Losh (UNCP)

Emma Hatfield said...

Mrs. Cornwell was an AMAZING teacher!!! i Remember when we were presenting a project and me and Elizabeth were rapping ours. She was laughing so hard at us and our attempt to be ganster. She said it was one of the best she had ever seen and one of the funniest! I will never forget her and always keep her in my prayers!

Jason Katz said...

Josh - I didn't know least not at any time when she wasn't desperately ill. But I do remember how much her family loved much her family supported each other. And that will be a memory I will never forget. My 3 little kids saw a picture of Jenni and my oldest daughter said she "looks like an angel" - I told her that she was absolutely right. God bless you all.

- Jason (Dr.) Katz

cherie said...

I remember sakipping lunch at rohanen to go sit with her.
I hated that food. more like mush.
she would allways be so nice to me.
I will certainly miss her and i know you will to.

Melissa said...

One of Val's reminded me of another. When Jenni was stressing over which shoes we should all wear in the wedding we all packed in her car and she drove us to the mall in Greensboro. She cracked jokes about people looking at all these girls and wondering whose handicapped sticker we had stolen and used to get a front row parking space. Thankfully, we found shoes that suited her that day. And then I remember how she fussed at Judi when Judi wasn't going to wear those particular shoes at the wedding. I can't recall which shoes Judi wore, but I remember that the details were always important to Jenni and when she thought something should be a certain way she made sure that it happened.

Tina said...

If you did not know--I meet Jenni(and Judi) at Temple Christian when Corey was in the K4 class--they both came into his class alot to play with the K4 students (they were so cute) Years later--at Rohanen when she came to work there, she remembered Corey and playing with him and his classmates at Temple--then you got to teach Corey 9th Grade Literature--Describing the classics so well that the boys feel in love with the stories and the girls threw up in the wastebasket of the class--
Jenni also helped me with alot of work in the office (both of you did)
Reading over my paperwork--Me and Jenni worked on the Title One Notebook that year--she was a very intelligent girl--I think highly of you too-- You were always in the office helping us in any way that you could. We really appreciated the both of you. Our lives have been and will always be connected-- Just remember if you need anything you can always call me--God bless you! Tina Wallace

Rachel McMillion said...

I remember me and eric were down stairs and I was like Eric did you hear that then Eric saying no and him turning off the TV just to hear Jenni scramming ERIC HELP ME and Eric having to run up stairs to get josh off of her so he would stop tickling and me helping her run into the bath room to lock josh out right after she told them to not break anything as they wrestled down the stairs.

I also remember how she pulled for me and Eric through the beginning of our relationship (as bad as it was) and pulling for us to be engaged and not freaking out about it (josh did too) and for talking with me about all the odd times I had with my rents and Eric's mom (Debbie I love you with all my heart XD)

Also how me and her made Josh go get cream of onion soup because the beef tips needed it. (no matter what anyone said me and Jenni knew it needed it =D)

I may have not officially been her sister in law but she always was my sister in law to me from the beginning and I will always remember that.

Anonymous said...

I know that 15 years of memories is alot and I will never be able to share them all. Overall I remember Jenni being the best friend anyone could have and her living life to the fullest. Some memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. Jenni was many things to me and to others, she changed my life from the moment I met her.
-I remember remeeting Jenni for the first time the at Temples open house right after I had moved back in town. I remember first thinking she was more the quiet tpye than I was, but that she was sweet.
-Playing volleyball and basketball with her. She would pull her socks up to her knees to play v-ball and we picked on her, but she did not care.
-Her playing volleyball and getting bruised because even then she was a fighter.
- The Night of my highschool graduation swimming and acting stupid in her pool.
- Lots of swimming in the Wallaces pool, talking and having fun
-A pool party at her house, where I kept begging not to be thrown is the pool cause it scared me.
-Her love of Dunkin Sticks and Sunkist..she loved sunkist and dunking sticks.
- Deciding to go to WCU together and how excited we both were
- Her and Josh teaching me how to follow road signs and letting me follow them home from WCu to rockingham and how she was battling cancer for teh first time, but still was helping me out
-That first semester watching her stay strong and still going to classes and doing her best
- I remember the wigs to and how we talked about her getting one and how she felt about it.
-trips to Pembroke when I would see her and Josh wrestling and her ending up in trash can
-knowing when she fell in love with Josh and knowing how glad I was she finally had the right guy-
-Mom letting her drive her bmw, but not letting me, cause she trusted Jenni more than me with her car
- Looking for the shoes with girls for her wedding and how she and Judi gave eachother a hard time over the shoes
-Her rehearsal when she got overely winded from running and how we and Chris tried calming her down, he told me about talking to her about making sure she and Josh were happy, not just everyone else.
-Her wedding, she had her share of wedding issues, but she was so happy to be marrying Josh and we all felt the love.
- Cooking for her at the Apartment Duke set he up with, she kinda knew who she was dealing with and we together cooked enchilladas, even though she should have been resting..we had a good time and she picked on me about that.
-My bridal shower at Temple, she was fighting her cancer battle again, but was there for me..picking on me and helping me with my presents.
-Going shopping with her and April for the headware the girls would wear because she had lost her hair, but we all wanted to look alike and so we went to fayetville and laughed at eachother and tried to find something.
-Her only missing one of my showers out of everything we did for the wedding, even though she was sick, and her wanting to know everything anyway and telling me she wished she could do more..not knowing totally how she was helping me more than she knew at the time.
-Our random halfway meeting at Outback not too long ago cause Josh was sick and she wanted out of the house. She was glad she could drive again, so we met at Outback and talked about everything. It was a school night, but we both just wanted to see eachother. What we talked about will always be remembered.

I have soo many more, but am like the others in that there is just not enough time and I want to keep having memories. She was my best friend and we were friends for 15 years. Jenni I miss you, but know you are looking down from heaven.

Anonymous said...

Above post was from me..Katie Nichols..another one, the phone call I got from Jenni when she asked me to take Coco for her. She had been told she could not be around dogs. I felt honored she trusted me with Coco, I remember going to get Coco from Josh's dad, I had been really sick that day, but seeing her and taking her home was special to me. I remember how she was not to sure about coming with us, the ride to our home our being in our house. Katie

elaine mabe said...

When Jenni and Judi were 3 years old I went to work at Rosebuds Daycare, I also had a set of twin boys Joshua and Jeremy Mabe who were 10 months old at the time and then I found out we had 5 sets of twins at the daycare. Jenni and Judi were sure close girls. Judi was the one who would not let anyone take toys from Jenni, she would get them for doing that to her sister. Jenni was the quiet one, she was so loving and so giving. She use to like for Mrs. Vicky who owned the daycare to read to the class and she would tell you word for word what the story was about, you would find her always with a book like she was reading. When you said clean up, she was the first one to jump up. She would always know when it was time for her mother to pick her up , she would go to the big bay window and look out a couple of times.I don't think I ever remember seeing her or Judi cry at the daycare. They seem to really enjoy big girl school as they called it. She would sit on my lap and talk and then Judi would join us in the conversation. Such sweet girls and I am proud of who they have become. Jenni I know you are with Jesus now cause you use to talk about him when you were small. Josh I do not know you but you sure had one wonderful girl and she had a good man. You will see her one day in heaven. She is with Jesus helping him .Judi, I heard you were gonna graduate from nursing school and that makes me proud you. You are gonna be a wonderful nurse.GOd BLess you all

Anonymous said...

It was either Spring 2005 or Fall 2005... But we (Jennie, Josh, Ben, Kara, Keith Inman, and me) were all playing Magic in the UC. And someone said something about sex... And I said, "You know, Jenni... every time you have sex, it's a threesome because Jesus is always with you." Jenni looked at Josh with the straightest face and said, "We're never having sex... ever." Josh looked at me with shock in his face... "I'm gonna kill you, Samantha."

Even though Jenni (Josh, too) always kicked my ass at Magic, it was super fun... and nerdy.

-Samantha B

Anonymous said...


Jessica mentioned Jenni's Senior Anthology in her post, and I will never forget Jenni's presentation of it either. The anthology had to have a theme and Jenni chose love (I believe). I vividly remember her presenting the anthology while holding the cap Marie wore while she was taking chemo. There was not a dry eye in the class. Even the class clowns were touched. Jenni touched my life so much. I will never forget her. Josh, you also touched my life, and I will always admire you and have such fond memories of your student teaching.

In Christ's Love, Lynn Clewis

Melissa said...

I was just thinking about the night Jenni made us (me, Ben, Josh and maybe Aladdin...I hope that's right) ride with her to Maxton and she took us to "Mystery Hill." That was a lot of fun. I remember her pulling into the intersection, shutting off the car and freaking us out, well me at least, with a story about putting flour on the bumper as legend said that a wreck victom would push a car back up the hill out of harm's way. I kept telling her that we shouldn't be in the middle of the intersection and she just laughed.

Remember buggy races at the Lumberton Wal-Mart? I was always a prude...telling all of y'all to stop before we got kicked out, but Jenni would always tell me to lighten up.

Then there was the night at McDonald's where we all convinced Aladdin to put Ben's milkshake on top of the car above the play area. Jenni always loved a good joke and she was always full of laughter.

Kreative Kidd said...

It's me again. Josh, I too remember that trip to the beach. It was one of those days when I had to get away, but Jenni wouldn't let me go we drove down and then it rained after we got there. But it was a good time, none the less.
I've been cleaning out some things and I ran across a couple of items that reminded me of good Jenni memories. First, I was showing Ethan our wedding pics and found one of Jenni helping the flower girl pick up flower petals after she dumped them yet again while we were waiting for the ceremony. Poor Jenni must have picked them up three or four times...she just laughed each time while she explained flower girl duties to the girl.
Also, after the wedding one of the pictures involved 2 bridesmaids kissing Ronnie on the cheek. I later told Jenni that one of the girls didn't really kiss Ronnie and her reaction was one I'll never forget. Her face was so funny as she exclaimed, "Shoot! They shoulda put me up there--I'da planted a big one on him!"
Finally, last night I was going through a box from college and found a couple of score sheets from bowling at the 'Broke. After the games Jenni and I would post the pages in our room to keep track of how many times we kicked the guys' butts.

Anonymous said...

I did not know Jenni very long, but what I do know is that she truly was a blessing to everyone around her.
I remember when my wife Jessica (Arredondo)and Josh worked at the senior conference for teaching fellows last summer and we stayed with Josh and Jenni up in Hickory. Me and Jenni went fishing during the day and I remember helping Jenni cast the line. I can't remember if she told me that she had never been fishing or she had not been in a long time, but I remember us laughing together as she tried to cast that line into the water. I remember telling her to "not be afraid" of throwing the line out harder than what she had been doing. She eventually got the hang of it but not to our luck the fish were just not biting.
Later on during that same weekend I remember us going to meet Josh and Jessica (all of these J's)at the college and when we got ready to leave to go eat, me and Jenni got into the same car together and we told our significant others that since we had been together all day we might as while drive over to the restruant together. LOL. We waited at Ham's for Josh and Jessica to finish so they could meet us and we could eat.
The last memory that I want to share is Josh and Jenni getting home and the smoke alarms were going off. I remember Jenni calling Jessica and asking us to pick up some batteries for the smoke alarms. It seems like those alarms went off forever! I cannot remember how Josh cut of those alarms but I do know he finally figured it out.

Jenni was very committed to education. Sitting around and listening to Jenni, Josh and Jessica talk about education, I felt like I had the smallest IQ in the room (I probably did). After they were finished talking or the subject had changed to something else, I realized that even though I am a teacher myself I lacked the true passion that Jenni had!!

John Lowery

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