Friday, March 13, 2009

Late Night Update

Tonight, Jenni began receiving a drug that they are calling Factor 7. It has some dangerous side effects, but the doctors think that the potential rewards outweigh the risks at this point. They have to stop the bleeding in the lungs before they can stabilize her and fix the rest. The doctors also added another line to give her drugs, this one in a vein in her neck. They are also slowly decreasing the percentage of oxygen given to her through the breathing tube. They want to reduce it to fairly normal levels, so it is a good thing that it was reduced and she tolerated the lower level of oxygen well.

She was somewhat awake this evening and we talked to her some. She smiled when I told her that Carolina won today, and that really helped my peace of mind. She can't talk, but she can nod her head or squeeze your hand for yes/no questions.

She seemed okay when we left. I'll feel better when I'm back with her again in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad mrs. wallace is doing well.

miranda coward

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