Monday, March 30, 2009


I just wanted to share a few memories I have growing up with my twin sister, Jenni.

Growing up as a twin was awesome. I always had someone to play with, someone to argue with, and someone to tell my deepest, darkest secrets.
As much as Jenni and I were alike, we were that much different. She was the smart not so much...I was more outgoing, Jenni, the quiet type....she was left hand, me right....I was taller...Jenni 2 1/2 inches shorter.

None of that really mattered. We were best friends. When we 1st started school mama and daddy tried to put us in separate classes. Well, that didnt work. We missed each other too much. So we had the same classes all the way until our senior year in highschool.

I was so protective of her. To the day she died i was protective of her. She would call or come home saying someone hurt her feelings or did something to her and I would call and threaten them. They better not mess with my twin sister.

We had our ups and downs. One day we were on our trampoline fighting over a banana....She pushed me off and I ended up in the ER with my arm broken in 2 places......but Jenni got that banana.

Jenni ate oreos and milk every morning for breakfast. I didnt like them so much, but I loved the icing in the middle. So, one day I took all the oreos out of the jar, pulled them apart, ate the icing, put them back together, and put them back in the jar. Jenni cried. I ruined her oreos, but you know me, I thought it was funny (until i got in trouble).

On Jenni and Josh's wedding day...when I put on my dress it was cut 2 inches too short. I couldnt wear my heals, so I decided I would wear flip flops. Jenni wouldnt have it. So, I went barefoot...IN DECEMBER lol

Even when Jenni had her transplants we found ways of having fun; whether it be her standing on the iv pole and me pushing her up and down the hall as fast as I could or us making hot plates us having deep conversations....only the kind twins could have.

Then in January, Jenni told me she had orthopenia (brittle bones) and the Dr.'s telling her she needed to walk 3 times a week. She said Judi I dont have the energy to walk, but if I had a Wii Fit I would do it every day. So what did I do? Bought it. I called Josh and told him to be expecting it. Oh when she got it; you could hear the excitement in her voice. I never got to play it with her.

Im gonna stop here, because im starting to cry...

Jenni, Just know that I would have given you the world if I could have. I love you so much and miss you terribly. I will always carry part of you with me (you are and always will be part of me). And when I graduate in May you will have a front row seat.
With all my love
-Judi (Jenni's twin)


Anonymous said...

Dear Judy, I am a twin also and cannot start to imagine your loss. You are constantly in my prayers. May God give you the grace and comfort needed for these days ahead. I am so proud of your goal to graduate in May. God's blessings...Carla Dotson (Temple Christian School)

Anonymous said...

Being a twin is a bond almost like mother and child. It's unconditional and never fails. The lord blessed with a twin like Jenni.
Your stories are enough to bring the strongest person tears.
I'd love to read more. As you build the strength to talk about it keep sharing those beautiful memories. It will help you in the healing process.

love always

Kimberly said...

Praying for you sweet Judi, I can't imagine your loss.

Anonymous said...

Judi, I too remember you and Jenni. You two were always together. I remember for you two to be so different you were so much alike. I continue to pray for you daily. I too enjoy reading your stories. May God be with you and give you peace! Tara Simmons Hancock

Anonymous said...

Sweet Judi Rose,

What an awesome tribute to your beautiful Twin Sister -- she would be so pleased (particularly about you graduating in May) -- I cannot even begin to imagine how incredibly hard this is for everyone, but my heart aches especially for you as there as so few that can understand the bond twins share. I do not even begin to have to tell you how precious she was even in the cheerleading outfit -- the picture she detested so much -- but you are so right she will forever be a part of you and as they two of you were so interwined a part of Jenni will be always evident in everything you do . . . I could go on but I can hardly see the screen, but I want to share a couple of my memories of the two of you -- Josh -- these are older ones, but I do think you will enjoy them and it will provide some "young history" . . .

--Soon after Marie, my dear friend, passed away the little girls needed bras -- so yes off to the bra store we went -- now Jenni was just Jenni she knew exactly what she needed and wanted, however twin #2 wanted to be exotic and begged and pleaded for something a little eccentric and I said I cannot take you home with that and at that point Jenni chimed in and said very definitively, "Jimmy Ray would never have it" -- so needless to say, Jenni made her point and Judi went home with the "right bra".

--On my many travels to Disney, Big Jim would say I need such and such for the girls for Christmas or Birthdays -- so there was always this hunt to find the perfect Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella surprise -- can you figure who was who -- Jenni loved Sleeping Beauty and Judi loved Cinderella . . .

--The Wallace family had a van that could accomodate a crowd -- so often we made trips to Myrtle Beach -- there were always three girls crammed on the back seat -- Jenni, Judi and Lindsey -- now Judi and Lindsey could out talk just about anyone, but when playing cards or board games the only one who ever paid attention was Jenni, needless to say she always won, and the other two were rather spoiled sports . . .

What great memories - - it seems as though they were just an eye blink ago, but somehow time passes, but forever these will be special memories to me about two very precious "Little Girls" Janet

Mrs Elaine said...

Judi, I am Mrs Elaine from Rosebuds Daycare and I do remember you always taking care of Jenni if someone would get a toy from her or try to be mean to her. You would be on them like a bumble bee is on honey. Jenni was for sure the quiet one, you made up for her part. You both were so close. I remember Jenni looking out the big bay window at the daycare waiting for Mama to come get ya and you would always walk over and take her hand and say " Its okay mama's coming soon" and yet you were just a little 4 year old sweet angel. You always would comfort other kids there to. I have twins Joshua and Jeremy Mabe who attended the daycare with you. As a matter of fact we had 5 sets and I had a cousin that worked at the Journal and they came and took your picture and put it in the paper. You have really accomplished a lot with nursing and all and you are gonna make one great nurse. Stay strong with the Lord and he will see you thru these hard days ahead..I love you Judi--God Bless

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine the pain you are in. Losing your twin sister. I continue to think of you each day, Judi. You have my heartfelt sympathy and my prayers that God will somehow comfort you.
Suzanne Timmons

Anonymous said...

Judi, You were a special sister to Jenni...Eveyone keeps commenting on the shoes for the wedding....since I was the director I can remember the shoe event very well. I think that was the only time I saw Jenni get really heated up. I can hear her now saying NO to the flip flops, you even had me to ask her and she was very definite with her answer. She said Judi had to wear the shoes she had picked out for the wedding. It got so heated about the shoes someone offered to go buy you a pair with shorter heels that looked like the ones Jenni had picked out. I know without a doubt Jenni did not realize you were up there barefooted. Jenni and I thought you just gave in and wore the shoes. I guess you both won that round since Jenni thought you had shoes on and you won because you did not. You were a very good sister to Jenni and I know she and your mama will be looking down from heaven at your graduation. Jenni wanted that more than anything for you. Your test is Wednesday at 9:30 and I am asking everyone to be praying for you and pray a special prayer at 9:30 Wednesday morning that God will wrap his arms around you during your test. I know you can do it. Love ya girl...Deborah

Anonymous said...

Jenni, I can remember when the both of you where first born. Amy and I didn't have a chance after that. IT was always Judy and Jenni. We all had Great times together in the pool on summer days waiting on your mom and dad to get home just so we could go swimming. Having fun in the Den playing and of course getting into trouble. I too remember the banana thing when you broke your arm. The one thing I probably regret the most is letting the distance come in between our relationships. Things happen for a reason I know this but it still hurts. Jenni will always be special but don't forget you are special too. I couldn't imagine what it would be like for Casey and Corey. Please know that I love you and you stay strong, that is the way Jenni and your mom would like it to be. If you need me I'm here. Love Andrea

Anonymous said...

Josh and Family, My cousin Kay Lynch was going through a bone marrow transplant at about the same time as Jenni. I just wanted you to know that Kay lost her brave fight today, but she has gone to be with the Lord and celebrating. What 2 brave and powerful women to have withstood so much and held on and fought. These 2 are rejoicing and praising the Lord today. Please be with the family in prayers at this time. Thank you

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