Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Late Night Update

A bunch of us are camped up in the waiting room outside of the ICU. We dodged the bullet tonight, but I've never been more scared in my life than when the doctor said, "Anything we do might make things worse, but if we don't do anything, she won't make it."

I don't want to repeat anything Judi already posted, but I've been advised not to read what she posted either, so I won't. For now, Jenni is about as stable as you can get when you're in critical condition (not very). She has a chest tube in each side. The right side is working and the left side appears to be worthless. She also has air around her heart that is affecting her blood pressure.

I believe the prayers helped. The doctor seemed pessimistic when he spoke to me privately but she came through this speed bump okay. With more prayers and perseverance, we can come through this with a positive result... and I'm taking Jenni to Sticky Fingers and The Loft just like I promised. And I'm going to get her a Psycho > Crazy shirt too.

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Judi Wallace said...

We will make it. Jenni will get better. I have faith in her, and I hope everyone does too. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Dear Josh and Jenni
We're still praying for Jenni and you as so many continue to do so. We are thankful to hear positive things on Jenni and pray for positve results to continue. Get rest Josh when you can and I look forward to reading the next positive post. Thank you.
I had to scroll quickly past that blue shirt, you remember I'm partial to the color red. What can I say, I'm not perfect and neither is my basketball team. C'mon, that had to at least get a little smile.
Judson,Kim,Claire and Sarah

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord about weathering the speed bump. We all were praying hard and will not stop. I can not imagine what it is like, but I know she is a fighter. You will be taking her to Sticky Fingers and The loft. Josh, thank you for the updates her friends really appreciate it. I love Jenni with all my heart, I will relay the good news to others. WE love you.

Our Little Sipe Family said...

Don't worry-- you don't have to invite me and Matt along for the Sticky Fingers/LOFT trip-- we will probably BEAT the two of you there :)
Fun times, fun times....

Anonymous said...

When Nic and I visited with Jenni last Saturday night, we told her how much we loved Sticky Fingers, and that we wanted to join yall for dinner when you go! Sounds like we're gonna have a quite a crowd at this party at Sticky Fingers! STILL PRAYING!!!

Love you,
Beth & Nic Hall

Karen Granger said...

You are a fighter...know that you have lots of people who love you and are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being sent up for all of you! I can't do much, but I can pray! Judi Losh (UNCP faculty)

Anonymous said...

Josh & Jenni - We have faith that you and your families can feel the love and prayers we're sending up. You're both so strong. Just keep looking up, as you have always done. Laboratory is really praying for you. We're asking Him for a miracle, and we do believe.
We love you. Dan, Leeanne, Miranda, Chris, and the girls

Anonymous said...

yo kid its Randy and the ahamad fam, man each time i get a chance to talk to you its something different man. it makes me realize what i have not done and how blessed i really am, its so easy to over look what you have in your life that you just forget about the simple things that just get you through the day. i know you and jenni along with your families know the miracle of each day. i'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers kid. for you kid "keep your head up"

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