Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never Wake a Sleeping Wallace

Well we now know why Jenni's pressure bottomed last night. Every time they move her to do something, she bottoms. It's like her body is yelling, "leave me alone." Happens most of the time any Wallace sleeps (and yes even though she is married she is still Wallace to the bone). Wake a sleeping Wallace at your own peril.

They moved her again this am, and the same thing happened. On both occasions her pressure stabalized quickly--without any additional medication.

The x-ray on her lungs has shown no change. I'm hoping that is good. At least things have not gotten any worse. The nurse yesterday said that it would be very hard to see any improvement on the x-ray. So I'll just take the "no change" comment as a good thing.

Jenni is now on a continious dialysis machine. Her swelling seems to be down. This is good.

Things are still very grave. The lungs need to stop bleeding, if not all of the other things are irrelevant.

The doctor this am is the south end of a north bound donkey. He was by Jenni's room talking to some of his associates and I stepped out to ask a question. He took one look at me and said, "ask the nurse." Almost enough to make this preacher cuss. I'd love to shake the devil out of him in the name of Jesus.

We still need your prayers.

Grace and Peace


Anonymous said...

sometimes doctors are so blinded by wordly knowledge that they have no Godly wisdom..I pray for these doctors to be hit with the power of the holy spirit..One good reality check should let them know who is in control..God is in Control..Keep praying guys, keep claiming victory..don't give up Jenni..lay your burdens down at the thrown and he will bring you through.. in the name of jesus jenni will prevail..

Julie said...

I was getting a bit worried when I kept checking the blog all morning and no up-date. I was hoping you all were just getting some much needed rest and that nothing really bad happened. Thanks for keeping us informed.
May God heal her completely, Julie

Anonymous said...

Doctors need to learn compassion. They should have to take a course in it! They seldom have compassion for their patients until they or a member of their own family get seriously ill. Then their viewpoint changes.
I am praying, not only for Jenni's lungs to stop bleeding, but for more compassion for your family from the doctors...

Carol F Mercer said...

Judi, Jim and family the energy and love is strong here in Richmond County.God is in this place and holds Jenni in HIS healing hands,and I know he is listening to all of our Prayers. Love Carol F Mercer

Anonymous said...

thank you for the update. I have been checking all morning and praying that no news was good news. Just wanted to let yall know that beth and i are still praying and telling everyone that will listen to us about jenni. Yall are on our hearts and in our prayers. nic & beth

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the update. We have been praying and checking the blog every little while!

Beth & Nic Hall

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update...calls were circling. God is greater than all the doctors and all the medicine, and as I said earlier, we will await His miracle. Sophia

Anonymous said...

I just recived an email asking that I say a prayer for Jenni. I don't know you or her, I just know that you are connected to me by some great friends who care so much for both of you, that they are holding you both up to our Lord during this time.

God Bless you both.

elaine mabe said...

I got up early this morning to find check the post--I prayed so hard last night and into this morning for Jenni and you guys. God hears all we pray to him . He just listens with a still voice of love-telling us its okay. Jenni is strong and she is protected by the annointed hands of Jesus. God bless you all today--Jenni, this is me Mrs. Elaine from Rosebuds Daycare-Love ya

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. The Doctor needs a "nice" talking to. I pray for more compassion and understanding from this Docor. We have been praying for you all and know that God's will shall prevail. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Our God is an awesome God and Jenni is in his hands. Much love Katie and Chris Nichols

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