Sunday, March 15, 2009


Appreciation can be so difficult to express. I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has helped since all of this began, but especially to the following:

  • to all of you who have kept us in your prayers
  • to everyone who has sent a card, email, or text message to check on us or to give us encouragement
  • to all the visitors who have dropped by to check on Jenni and to keep us company
  • to everyone who has visited the site (which has generated $973 as of just a few minutes ago)
  • to each of you who has sent money through a friend, in a card, on the website, or just stuffed in in my pocket as you leave 
  • to everyone who has left a comment on the website
  • to everyone who has offered to help, even if we couldn't think of anything to ask for
To everyone who has pitched in, no matter how, you have my eternal gratitude.


Katie Kidd said...

My sister in law went to school with Jenni & Jenni was in her wedding (Melissa Brown, now Kidd). They told us about what's going on, so now everyday I get on here. I know I can't send money personally, but hopefully by me coming on here & clicking those ads it's helping you two. We're all praying for you all in this tough time! God Bless!

Julie Moore Richmond said...

It's been a long time since I've seen or talked with Jenni. For a time one summer (wow-about 9 yrs ago) we tried working out together- I think all we accomplished was laughing. We had agood time. It brakes my heart that she is going through all this. We know God has a plan and that there is POWER in prayer. Josh, Judi, and Jim- Stay stong for her- we are praying for you also. Love, Julie Moore Richmond and Family

Anonymous said...

Josh even though Matt and I haven't seen you LONG time this has really touched us. People that have NO idea who you guys are are praying for you. We've tried to keep the old Food Dog people updated and they are praying as well. If you can think of anything we can do please let us know! STAY STRONG!!!!!

Matt and Makia Clark

Dana said...


I met the two of you probably a year ago at Chantae's house on a Sunday night. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of both of you and wish you many blessings as you fight this battle.

Anonymous said...

Josh you're more than welcome, you're a great guy. Everyone is so concerned at Grandview and you and Jenni are in my thoughts each and everyday and in my prayers. I know you will continue to be strong. You do have a lot of patience. Jenni and I loved to talk spiritually when I taught with her last year.
Continue to be strong and "Wait on the Lord and He shall renew your strength."

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