Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe Some Hopeful Signs?

Today seems a little better at the start.  Jenni's need for the vent seems to be decreased.  The oxygen load has been decresed from 45% to 40%, a slight improvement.  The volume has been decreased from 300 +/- to 250.  They moved Jenni to do her x-ray without crashing.  All of these are good signs.

When we asked if she wanted to hear some music, she opened her eyes and tried to nod her head.  So we played Casting Crowns for her--her favorite band.

Currently they are doing an ultrasound to test to see if there are any blood clots on her left side.

I do not know if she needed any blood last night.

We feel encouraged, but we are trying hard not to get to "up."

Thanks be to God

Grace and Peace


Anonymous said...

Truly there is Victory in Jesus! We continue to thank Him for the blessings He brings. Take care, and let us know if there is anything that we can do. God Bless, Sophia

Rici said...

Thank the Lord for small victories! We're all still praying constantly and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Oh God.. You are an awesome God. We thank you for your healing mercy on our sister Jenni. Praise the LORD, for allowing the ventilator to be decreased. Praise the LORD for her being able to have an xray without crashing. Your power is mighty. You can do all things. Help us to remember that. Please continue to be with Jenni, we know she is not yet "out of the woods." But Praise the LORD for a good morning. Please continue to be with Josh and the rest of Jenni's family. Provide comfort, peace, humor when things are frustrating. Touch them LORD. Help them to be strong. Touch the doctors that are not compassionate. Jenni is so compassionate about her family, friends, students and others that are in her path. Help them to learn a lesson from her and her family. Continue to bless the doctors and give them wisdom. But allow them to show compassion. Help them to lean on you for guidance. We thank you LORD for all you are doing, your healing power. We praise you in the name of Jesus.

Carol F Mercer said...

God is good, and we pray will continue to share his healing and love on Jenni. cfm

Anonymous said...

I to am a Casting Crowns fan. My favorite is "I can only Imagine" It remindes me I will see a day when I don't have to imagine. I will sit before Jesus and He will look me eye to eye. I can't imagine how I will respond, I only know its real.
I am praying for y'all. Layne I am praying for God's peace as only He can give to consume you these days. I know your days are long and challenging, but I also know a God who is there with you. I know you already know this but sometime we just need to have Gods confirmation. God is with you every day thorugh every decision.
In the love of our Savior,r

Anonymous said...

I was at my dermatologidst appt today, and ask the girl that was waiting on me about Jenni's blog. She knows Jenni as well. She brought up the website and read me this blog. We both were happy and got kinds teary. Thanks for the update. Nic & I are praying!

Beth & Nic Hall

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