Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Bed and a Wendy's Dinner

They ordered Jenni a new bed this evening and it is nice. It is definitely better than the one she was in earlier. They said that it would be better for her as far as preventing bed sores (which she doesn't have, to be clear... they just want to make sure she doesn't get them). It also adjusts without the grinding noises that you hear most of the beds making.

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She didn't eat much of the dinner they brought her, but the nurse said that a grilled chicken sandwich should be okay, so my mom and I dropped by Wendy's and bought her one. She only ate about a third of the chicken and didn't touch the bread, but any calories I can get into her are well worth a half-wasted sandwich.

As I said earlier, she is much more attentive and alert than she has been in days. She didn't need any pain medication today. Unfortunately, her lung functions have not improved much at all (on 60% oxygen that she is receiving through a mask).

I'll post again tonight before I hit the sack. I doubt anything will change in the next two hours for Jenni, but I want to talk about all the visitors (both at the hospital and online) and Jenni has asked me to hold her hand so this paragraph has been chicken pecked and I don't have the patience to write much more with only one hand.
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Our Little Sipe Family said...

It was great getting to visit with you guys for a little bit today. Matt sends his love and support too! I hate to hear the O2 is up to 60% in the new room, but whatever is needed to get her well again. I am glad that pain meds weren't as necessary today. Thanks for the updates Josh-- they are as much of a help to everyone else as they are to you.

Love you guys!!

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