Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Little Scare

I was sitting in the room with Jenni just a few moments ago, typing some responses to questions about the blog, when her oxygen levels just randomly dropped. The nurse came in almost immediately, rechecked her stats, raised her oxygen to 80%, and called for the doctor. By the time the doctor made it to the room, her oxygen level had stabilized and she was asking what happened. She didn't even realize she was breathing with any more difficulty.
Three doctors came in (one was Dr. Chute, the others I'm not sure) and checked her out. They couldn't discern what caused the drop, but suggested that your body naturally fluctuates some and that it was probably natural. However, (and this is why I like Dr. Chute so much), even though he talked like it was probably perfectly fine, he still called in a specialist to come see her and is going to order a CT scan. I don't know how quickly either of those will happen, but it makes me feel better that even though he thinks things are probably okay, he's staying on top of things just in case they aren't.

Right now, other than her oxygen being at 80% instead of 60%, she looks and sounds like nothing is any different. The lung specialist just said that he was going to add an inhaler to her treatments (the name just slipped my mind; I'll have to fix this later). It should help with the lungs as well. He also said that he would step down her oxygen from 80% back to 60% in small steps this evening, so this was probably just a false alarm even if it did scare the mess out of me.

I'll keep going with the FAQ and I'll keep updating as I learn new things.

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Anonymous said...

Josh, I gotta tell ya, I'm a little freaked out. This is like the third time this has happened--without explanation. Let me know as soon as you have a good idea what this is all about.
Praying for you guys,

Our Little Sipe Family said...

We are praying our hearts out that this stops-- or that the medicenes help prevent it in the future. I know we all have ebbs and flows in our breathing (oh God, the nursing instruction is coming back-- make it go away)-- but I wish her's weren't so dramatic.
But then, would she really be our Jennibugg without it??
Gah, I love her. Wish I could spend every day there helping out the two of you-- even though by 'helping' I mean sitting in a chair and blabbing you ears off.

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