Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Scare

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I came to the hospital earlier than normal this morning. The nurse called my phone (which didn't show a missed call... odd) and then called my mom's (who was with me at the hotel). They had to put her on an oxygen mask last night, but this morning they had to raise the oxygen to 80%. (Note: That isn't Jenni in the picture, but its the same exact kind of mask that she's using.)

What is frustrating is that they really don't know why her oxygen levels keep dropping all of a sudden. It seems like every time they feel like she's improving, something like this happens and she's back on a mask.

In any case, they did an ABG (arterial blood gas) and another chest x-ray. They will decide based on those test results whether or not to move her downstairs to the ICU.

Right now she is stable. Hopefully I'll know more soon.

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