Monday, March 23, 2009

Safe in the Arms of God

We just had a very sad conversation with Jenn's Docs. Jenni's condition continues to deteriorate. They are out of treatment options. Factor VII given through the lungs was ruled out because the doctors believe it would cause a very painful passing and not help at all.

Therefore, tonight when all of the family can be gathered, we will discontinue the extraordinary means that we have been using to keep Jenni going.

Jenni did not want to be on the vent for long, and she would not want to be on the machine if there were no hope of recovery. We are honoring her wishes.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers. The outpouring of support has been more than I can really comprehend. It has carried us through these difficult days. May God bless you.

Grace and Peace


jason said...

I'm so sorry!!! I can't imagine the heartbreak that you are all going through! We will pray for you all! God's peace! Dawn

Mrs. R said...

My heart is breaking for you all. May God hold you and comfort you.

Erin Ringrose

Anonymous said...

May the grace of God be with you and your family!

C.F.Mercer said...

May God Bless each and everyone of you. As a family you are all to be admired for the faith and love that binds. We will continue praying for Jenni,Josh,and the rest of the family. God love all. cfm

Anonymous said...

I pray that God will help you all through this. My heart has never hurt for someone so much, and I pray for strength for all of you. -Samantha

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this news but know that Jenni willnot be in pain anymore.
She willbe singing and dancing and having a good time and waiting for the rest of us to join her someday.Just think about all the happy times that
you have shared and about all the lives that have been touched by Jenn.
She is a wonderful person and will be truly missed. may God be with you all
and comfort you as only He can.

Anonymous said...

May the Grace and Peace of God be with you all as you gather tonight. Judy Freeman

Emily Dawkins said...

I am so sorry. I know that this is not the way anyone wanted God to answer our prayers. It is difficult now, and will be even more difficult in the days to come, to remember that He has a plan and a purpose. We don't understand it, we don't always like it, but we have to have faith that He knows what He is doing and that He doesn't make mistakes. The work that He has done through Jenni and her family has made an incredible impact on people all over the world, and I for one will NEVER forget the impact it has made on me. It has inspired me as a Christian, it has touched me as a spouse, and has also shown me the importance of being a compassionate and family-centered nurse. I know you keep telling all of us thank you....please know that we are also giving thanks. In Christ, Emily Dawkins

Anonymous said...

Words can not describe the sorrow I feel for Jenni and her loved ones watching her go through this. My prayers are with Jenni, her hsuband, her family and friends. Even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jenni, I know one day I will. I have been told of the type of sweet person, Jenni is and her strong faith through converstions with her mother-in-law, Debbie. So yes, I know I will one day meet Jenni. You are all in my prayers. God be with you all. Donna Conner

Paula Quick said...

May the grace of God carry you through your trials. May the Love of our Father lift your hearts and heal your hurt. Just remember that Jenni will be sitting at the right hand of the Father waiting in paradise for all of you to join her in celebration. Remember there is a multitude of family and friends that will be here for you, all of you, in this time of sadness.

Anonymous said...

Josh, just know that your CVHS famly is here for you. I imagine this has been a very difficult decision but I think you and your family have done right by her wishes and fought the best you could. I hope you can find comfort in knowing she will no longer suffer or be in pain. -Robin Dycus

Anonymous said...

We have you and will keep you in our prayers. May God give your family the strength and the peace to carry on. If you guys need anything at all, please do not hesitate to call on us. We love you Jenni!!!

John & Jessica

Charlene said...

This truly breaks my heart and with every tear I'm shedding you will remain in my heart and thoughts. After losing Chip and my Dad so close together, one of the few things that brought me comfort was that I never had to doubt that they knew I loved them. I never had to say I wish I had one more chance so I could tell them because it was the last thing I ever said to both of them. I hope you find some comfort there too because one thing that no one could ever doubt is your love for Jenni. Fighting so hard to help her and especially, being willing to let her go, shows how you care because you have to love her more than yourselves to do what she needs knowing how it will hurt. She is truly a fighter and if it's her time to leave this world I wish a peaceful passage for her and for you to know that she will be in the only place she could ever be more loved than by her family.

Charlene Singletary

Anonymous said...

May the Lord comfort you and your family. May Psalm 23 will give you peace and comfort in all of your decisions that you have made in this very difficult time. Our prayers are with you and Jenni... Wayne and Janet

Anonymous said...

May God give you strength in this difficult time and may he comfort you through the days to come. God Bless you and I will continue to pray for you all. God Bless you tonight as you all come together as a loving family and May HE give you peace that only he (GOD) can give.
Lori Harper - Aprilbug's Mom

Anonymous said...

I've only been aware of your situation for a few days and I have prayed for a miracle....I cannot immagine the heartache and pain that you have experienced watching such a beautiful person suffer so much! I can't wrap my head around God's purpose for these things. I want you to know that there are people...strangers even...who are praying for you and still praying for a miracle. I know that God may choose to bring her home in just a few short hours and if he does I am praying for a peace and a comfort that only He can bring! My heart aches for you and your family! My God wrap you in his arms of love and allow you his grace, mercy, and peace as you walk through the coming days!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you, Josh and all of the Wallace family. God is with you. Donna and Chuck Hartman

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you and your family. God will be there for you and your family.


Scott said...

I'm sorry. Beyond words I am sorry....


"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

Sallie said...

I'm am praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are heavy. There are no words to adequately express our feelings---Just know there are so many who love and care about you and are lifting each of you up in prayer. God is faithful!
Jimmy and Peggy Maske

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks as well. I know we all have tears streaming down as we write and pray. honored jenni wishes and you did everything you could do. The whole family did everything. I have no words, just love for you and hope still for miracles. Jenni was and is my dearest friend, you fought for her and for that I am grateful. We are here and will always be here. Jenni is in my heart and my prayers and thoughts are with you. I love you jenni. Katie

Anonymous said...

I never met Jenni but my heart is breaking. I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are all going through. I pray that God will give you all peace and comfort in knowing that she will again be alive and healthy. My prayers are with each of you. Cat Farnworth

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry for all of you, but not for jenni, she will safe and free in the arms of jesus and her mother. it will be a joyful reunion in heaven, though it's heartbreaking on earth. still praying for peace and comfort.
robin hughes

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you all. Thank you for sharing with us about Jenni. I have been touched by your steadfast faith, love, and trust in God. May His Grace cover you during this difficult time. Debbie Blackwelder

Ciji said...

Know that I am thinking of all of you. I pray for peace and understanding for you during this time. May Gods grace wrap around you today and the days ahead. Much love, Ciji

Anonymous said...

We are broken hearted, as we know you are. We have loved Jenni for many years, and continue to love her. Jenni has been a great friend to both of us. Please know that we are here for you, whatever you need! And will continue to pray for Jenni and your family.

"Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort." -- 2 Corinthians 1:3

Beth & Nic Hall

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking right along with your family. May God give you His comfort, peace and strength through this diffcult time. I will continue pray.

Anonymous said...

May peace be with you during this time. I will continue to pray for Jenni for God is still performing miracles. May God embrace the family now and wrap you all in his loving arms!

Rici said...

There are no other words I can say other than I'm sorry. I can't imagine the pain in your heart at this very moment. Just know that we were all praying before and we'll continue to pray after. I'm still praying for a miracle but I'm equally praying for peace for you all.

Still praying...

Anonymous said...

Josh -
Anything we would say would never be enough for these few hours. We know you're with Jenni, as you should be, so for when you read this later, just know that we love you and our hearts are breaking for you, Jenni's family, and all of your family.

We will never understand in this life; we can only trust and know that He loves us ultimately.

Dan & Leeanne

Anonymous said...

To Jenni's Family:

I don't know you but I have been praying for Jennie and your family. Please know there are people out there who you have touched in a special way. My prayer for you now is wisdom and grace and that God will touch you all in a special way.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you that God will comfort you during this difficult time. We love both you and Jenni and think you are 2 of the most wonderful people we ever met. Just know that we are thinking of you. We love you both.
April & Michael (Beaverdam)

ELAINE said...


Anonymous said...

Father Carry Josh and family through this painful time as You carry Jenni Home. Still praying.

Anonymous said...

Josh & Family,

My heart is heavy for all of you at this time. I will be in prayer for you all as you enter these most difficult hours. May you feel God's love, strength and a sense of peace knowing you have done everything possible for Jenni.

Love, Rieva (Maddie's sitter)

Teresa Levasseur said...

To Josh, Josh's family and Jenni's family,
God love you all and bless and comfort you through this time! My prayers and thoughts are with you. And Debbie, our class (especially Jeffery) is praying for you all! Love, Teresa Levasseur

Anonymous said...

As God continues to hold Jenni in his arms; we pray for his mercy and grace for the family at a very difficult time. Ann & Blair at Laboratory

Anonymous said...

Josh, You and Jenni`s family are in our prayers. God will give you peace. Jenni fought hard and touched many live She will be missed. If you need anything we are here for you and the family. Peace be with you. Love you Jenni. Snadra and Michael Hudson [Jessica`s Mom and Dad]

Melissa said...

Josh, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel. Jenni is one of the best friends I've ever had, even though we were only close for a small amount of time at Pembroke she made a huge impact on my life. She is an amazing person. You are both very special to me and I love you both so much! I'm still praying for you both and for God's Will to be done.
Love and prayers, Melissa
aka Maylissa to Jenni ~ I love you chica!

Anonymous said...

"I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise. Jenni,lay down your load and rest and know that I am your God."
From another of His children.

Anonymous said...

To all of Jenni's family,
You have all shown such grace and strength under such difficult circumstances. You have touch the lives of those you know and those you have never met. Jenni is proud of you and feels your love. We continue to lift you up in prayer and petition. God will pour out His grace to you all during the hours ahead. May that peace give comfort. Vicki and family

Anonymous said...

There really arent any words that can be said that can ease what you are going through right now and what you will continue to go through in time to come. Just know that you, jenni, and rest of your family are in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Everything god does has a purpose and a reason and even though we sometimes think he's making a huge mistake deep down we know he doesnt make mistakes. Take comfort in knowing that Jenni is a wonderful person and regardless of how long she is with you, she lived a loved and happy life. And in the end that is all we can really ask for.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and Prayers are with you guys. I pray that God will grant you a peaceful goodbye. I love you all.--Olivia

Anonymous said...

God be with you and the whole family tonight as you make the deicsion you are having to make...It isn't easy but you can rest easier knowing she will be with God and will never be in pain again..You have all done a tremendous job taking care of Jenni and doing what you know was best..It is never easy letting someone you love so much go but you can not sit by and watch her suffer any longer....She would not want it and you will not have any reason to hang your heads and feel like you have failed her in anyway..God bless you all for being with her all these days and hours and showing the world what real love of a family member really is...Others can learn a lot from your family and friends..Always remember she will always be with you all in your hearts and she is going to be a guardian angel watching over all of you...

We will continue to pray for Josh and all the family in this very sad time in your lives...You still have the support of thousands and thousands of people who have been and will continue praying and supporting you...

Thank you for allowing all of us be a part of your lives and the ordeal you have been through..

Thru God you have done something others cannot do....

Jenni will always be remembered because of you and her family...

God Bless You All..

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you, Jenni and your families. May God's love and grace guide you during this sad time. You two are very special and I hope you know how much you are loved.

Karen Granger - UNCP Teaching Fellows

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. God bless your family. We love Jenni so much. We will contiune to pray. Wendy Lloyd

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry to hear your very sad news. We can't understand God's plans, but we have to find the strength to trust in them. All of you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! Walter and Kathy Brown

Anonymous said...

Jenni asked for you to do "whatever it takes".. Not only did you meet her wish, you exceeded it- finding the study, etc. She is so blessed to have a family that loves her so much and is willing to go above and beyond 24/7.. May God be with you this evening and in the coming days.. You all are constantly in my thoughts and prayers! ~Jessica Price

Anonymous said...

I never knew Jenni even though we went to high school together. In the past few weeks I have grown to love her and her family and check for updates all day long. I will continue to pray for the family. Just remember she will be without pain. Jamie Shepard English

Anonymous said...

These are the words to a song by Caedmon's Call
"Hands of the Potter"
this is the song God brought to mind as i prayed for Jenni..
And as We remember the story of jenni's life, It will be a song so sweet..
For she is soon to be in the hands of the potter.
The hands that perfected her from the very beginning.
may God give you and your family peace as you make the hardest decision of your lives..With all the love in the world i hope that the words to this song bless you..

Lord if I'm the clay then I've been left out in the sun
Cracked and dry, like mud from the sty
Still clinging to the prodigal son

But I'm on my way back home
Yes I'm on my way back home

Into the hands
That made the wine from the water
Into the hands
The hands of the Potter

Lord if I'm the clay that let your living water flow
Soften up my edges Lord
So everyone will know

That I'm on my way back home
Yes I'm on my way back home

And Lord when you listen for the song of my life
Let it be, let it be, a song so sweet
Let it be, let it be, a song so sweet
Let it be, let it be, a song so sweet, let it be

Lord if I'm the clay then lay me down
On your spinning wheel
Shape me into something you can fill
With something real

And I'll be on my way back home
Yes I'm on my way back home

Jenni is on her way back home..
The same place that we will meet her again..
A place with no sicknesss, pain,or tears.
A place as perfect as Jenni was..
May God be with all of you as You see her off, and as you grieve.
He is in control and will nevre forsake you..
your sister in christ
charity davis

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about what you all are going through. My heart breaks for you. It makes me know to cherish each day. It is in God's loving hands. I am sending up prayers of comfort and understanding and peace for everyone. God's love......Sarah Forester

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. May God hold you all safe in his arms.

Tammy said...

Judy, I listen to your voice when you speak of your sister when we are in class and you can really tell that you love your sister wholeheartedly and want only the best for her. I know that in time the Good Lord will provide comfort for both you and your family in your time of need. May the Good Lord cradle you in his strong and loving arms. If there is anything you need, anything at all.

Tammy Wo.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are all in our prayers. I wish I had words that could help you at this time. I do not, but HE does.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:4-13

Cherish and protect the love you have for one another, and know that your Father in Heaven loves you.

We love you

Jeff and Melissa Smith and Family

Anonymous said...

Words cant express the sympathy I feel for you and your family. Just always know that shes in a better place now and is free of pain. We will continue to pray for you all. God Bless *Valerie Lutz Sigmon*

Anonymous said...

May God bless and keep you! Jenni is well taken care of, for the true and living God has his hand on her life!

Donna said...

I am at a loss for words... and I'm sure there is nothing I can say to help ease the pain of this day...

So, I will just continue to pray to God to surround you with His love... and if Jenni is going home soon, that He helps her loved ones grieve with hope, knowing we will all see her again in heaven.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry! My heart is breaking for all of you. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I love you! I will be praying for strength and comfort that only comes from the Lord in this time that you have to go through.

Anonymous said...

Josh, My heart is breaking for you and your family. We will continue to pray for peace for you long after Jenni is walking streets of gold. If there is anything we can do you for you please don't hesitate to let us know. Though we don't understand and want to know 'why' we can find peace knowing that Jenni is no longer in pain. May God be with you and give you strength for the upcoming days.
With Much Love
Matt and Makia Clark

Anonymous said...

I didn't leave my name on the previous comment. Josh if need anything you can contact me. You have my number. I am praying for you and the family and I am so sorry.
April Thompson

Anonymous said...

My heart is hurting right now. My prayers are with the whole family. May God give each of you the strength to make these final decisions. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!

Nikki McIntyre Coward

Anonymous said...

Josh, my heart goes out to you. I just want you to know what a friend Jenni was to me when we worked together. She is an inspiration as you are as well. I lift you up in prayer during this time.


Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for all of your family. Just know that God is still in control. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!!

Melissa Craven

Anonymous said...

To Josh and the entire Wallace/Cornwell families: Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you can find some small piece of comfort in knowing that you did everything humanly possible for Jenni. May the Lord comfort and keep you in this time of sorrow.


Ted, Miki, Stephanie & Michael Deese

Anonymous said...


May you find peace and comfort in the Lord. He will sustain you through all of this. Jenni and you are so special and loved by so many. My prayers are with all of you.

Love, Lynn Clewis

Anonymous said...

Josh & Family,

Our hearts are breaking now, because we thought Jenni would be our miracle. God however has better plans for her just as He did for Selena. I wish I were there to hold each of you as you did for us.

We know this is best for our loved ones, but still hard for us to accept loosing them. You will always be in our thoughts & prayers. We send you much love.

Mary & Family

Anonymous said...

Dear JOSH & JENNY & Family,
We have prayed for Jenni and all of you since this long jouney began several years ago. We continue to pray and trust GOD.
He will see you through today and always. "You can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens you." "The JOY of the LORD is your STRENGTH."
Love and God's comfort in JESUS' name,
MARVIN & DIANE UPDIKE (Huddleston,Va.)

tyler said...

we are thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Words cannot express the pain we feel in our hearts for all of you. May the Lord hold you in His arms during this time. We pray that in the days to come, He will be your source of strength. Let Him be your Strong Tower!

Charles & Carol Bouchard and Family

Rebecca said...

We pray that the Lord will give you the strength you all need in these difficult and trying times. We cannot imagine the pain you have gone through, and we pray for your healing.

Jon & Rebecca

Tabitha Dunn said...

To Judy & her family,
I am so sorry for what you are going through. I cannot express my feelings of heartache for you all. I know that nothing I can say or do will make the pain go away, but I want you to know that I think of all of you everyday and pray. God is embracing a wonderful angel and I am thankful that she will be watching over all of us, especially her loved ones!

Anonymous said...

Words can never express the sorrow we all feel although I'm holding on for a miracle. I'm a blunder with words so I rely on others to say something great and one thing my husband said to our neighbors when they lost their son 2 years ago was "Did you ever stop and wonder if God just couldn't stand to be without him any longer that He had to bring him home" and a peace just fell over me. I wonder if this is true with Jenni and that He loves her so much. I find comfort in songs and this is a song that just fits, whatever the outcome know that God is faithful.

I Choose - Ivan Parker
Master may I be so honest, Could I admit the way I feel
I’m hurting it seems that You’ve forsaken and I wonder is Your love for me still real
Though my friends think I am happy unaffected by this trial they can’t see the pain I’m hiding just underneath my smile
Master I can’t live this way anymore so today I make my choice

I choose to believe that You are faithful and my heart is in Your hands and this mystery that I face today is part of a greater plan I choose not to be discouraged when the sun will not break through I have the choice of trusting You so Lord this is what I choose

I know this road will not be easy and I know I’ll have my weaker days and Satan will tell me I don’t mean it when I say I’ll trust God all the way but that really doesn’t matter I refuse to hear him out with my faith I’ll find the power to overcome all doubt Lord I’ve never felt so strong as when I’m resting in Your arms

Emily Davis said...

My heart is in pieces for all of you. I could not imagine ever having to be where you are, and I'm so sorry that you are. I have been praying so hard for God's will to be done in Jenni's life, and eventhough the answer is unbearable, I believe He is saving her from having to go through even more devastating days. Know that the Lord will carry all of you through this time. He has a plan for everything, and something positive will shine through all the darkness. I know there will hard days ahead, so I will continue to lift you guys up.

Anonymous said...

I don't personally know Jenni but through the updates of this blog I feel as though I have known her my whole life. I want you all to know that you are in my prayers. My heart is heavy and deeply saddened. May God give you guidance and peace within him. Loved in christ..... Traci

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Nobody knows why things happen the way they do, but God has a plan for all of us. Remember that and let Him guide you.

Love and prayers,
Terri Dunn

Anonymous said...

My heart is broken for all of you tonite...I'm praying for each of you just as everyone else that has been visiting this site. I pray that God will give you the strength to remember that God is in Control. We all know that one day we will see Jenni in heaven waiting their to meet us there. God has used Jenni so much in her life even to these very moments as she has been at Duke. So many people who may not have ever met her have visited this site and feel so connected to each of you as you have poured out your hearts to us and continue to lift you each up in prayer. Know that I am praying for you. Josh, I know that this is a very difficult time for you to see your best friend and wife go through this but remember that you have kept your promise to her you have tried everything you could do to help her get better. Praying that God will give you a peace about everything and continues to wrap His arms around you as well to allow you to feel His unconditional love during this time.
Praying for you, Judi and Layne, as her sister and brother...know that I am praying for you two as well....and know that we serve a Mighty God and that God will never leave us nor forsake us and that God has been with all of you through this whole thing. Praying for you!

In Christ,
Sara Anastasio

Anonymous said...

May God's peace and comfort be with you during this time. Janet Wagner

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you tonight as you spend time with Jenni. Our hearts are breaking for you. What a loving testimony it has been watching Josh and Jenni since we've known them. All love should be like theirs. Unselfish, complete, and centered in faith in God.

Joy & Scott Saine (Will's parents)
Melissa Saine

Anonymous said...

May you find strength and comfort in the arms of Jesus. I am so sorry for your loss, and will keep you and your family in my prayers. Miracles can still happen!

Scott said...

Into Your hands, O Lord, I commend the soul of Your servant Jenni, and grant her rest in the place of Your rest, where all Your blessed Saints repose, and where the light of Your countenance shines forever. And I ask You also to grant that our present lives may be godly, sober, and blameless, that, we too may enter Your heavenly Kingdom with those we love but see no longer: for You are the Resurrection, and the Life, and the Repose of Your departed servants, O Christ our God, and unto thee we ascribe glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Be mindful, O Lord, of all those who have fallen asleep in the hope of resurrection unto life eternal, especially Jenni. Shelter her in a place of verdure, a place of repose, whence all sickness, sorrow and sighing have fled away, and where the sight of Your countenance rejoices all of Your Saints from all the ages. Grant Jenni Your heavenly Kingdom, and a portion in Your ineffable and eternal blessings, and the enjoyment of Your unending Life.

Anonymous said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, may God wrap his arms around each of you and give you peace and understanding. I am praying for your strength.

Love and prayers,
Margaret Watkins

Anonymous said...

Father...You alone see all and know all. You alone have, and have always had, the ability to heal Jenni's infirmities. Father, You see the pain that the family is suffering and you alone can comfort them. Father, they have come to the end of themselves and have put Jenni completely into Your hands. You alone can change what the doctors and family are expecting...Your precious and Perfect Son gave his life so that this resurrection can be given to Jenni and all others who place their faith in Him. I pray that you would uphold Your Word Father! Comfort and give peace to the family but most of all bring TOTAL healing to Jenni! Lord, I pray this all in the MIGHTY, HOLY, and PERFECT name of Jesus Christ! Our only Lord and Savior, Redeemer, Strength, and Strong Tower!

Johnathan said...

I don't have words for this aside from trust that what you have done has been the right thing since the very beginning. The strength and courage your family has shown is living proof that love is miraculous.

Our family has you in our prayers. Please know that we pray for the peace of God in your hearts.

All of our love,
Lindsey and Johnathan Beam

Anonymous said...

God's peace, my heart goes out to y'all. r

there will be completeness whole and entire wanting nothing.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking and praying for you. God is still faithful and He will continue to wrap His arms around you. Your faithfulness and love is a beautiful example of God. Thank you for that.
Mickey and Deana Briles

Anonymous said...

I feel lead to tell you that there are no regrets. You have prayed long and hard about this decision, and it is the one God wants you to make. Trust in His divine guidance. Stand firm on your decision to be willing to let her go. It has got to be the most difficult choice you will ever make, but know that it's like the poem "Footprints in the Sand." When you look back on your life, and you only see one set of footprints, it was then that He carried you. He is carrying you right now, and this is what He wants for you and for Jenni. Don't panic, resist the urge to rescind your decision, just let go and let God. It will be so hard, but be determined that this is what you were Told to do by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. No regrets. Amen, may peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you are all having to go through any of this. Although I did not know you Jenni, but you have touched me in ways that I can not even begin to describe. I pray peace over each and every family member right now. The Lord will guide you through all of your pain.

Jill Veach

Anonymous said...

Judy , Josh and the rest of the wallace/ Cornwell Family... You are all in our prayers. Jenni is a wonderful person and she is surely a blessing from above! YOU ARE ALL IN OUR PRAYERS AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Brandy and Steve Sinclair

Anonymous said...

Josh, Jim, Judi, and the entire family:
I never thought I would have to open this website and read this post, but God has a reason for everything. I remember when Jenni went to Temple Christian and then transferred to Richmond Senior when I was a student there. She was so smart, graceful, and kind (to everyone). I am encouraged by the song "Well Done My Child" because it paints a beautiful picture of what is awaiting for each of God's children in Heaven. If it is truly God's will to call Jenni home, I am comforted by knowing her as a Christian, a true Christian who walked so closely with the Lord each day of her life. I know this is a comfort to all of those who loved Jenni. Know that each of you will hold a dear place in my heart and will continue to be in my prayers for many days, weeks, and months ahead. During such a difficult time for a family, I pray that you will be constantly reminded of the hard fight each of you put up for Jenni. Recall the wonderful memories you have to cherish of Jenni, and reach out for the Lord. He will comfort, guide, and shield you, not only tonight, but for the remainder of your grieving. God is our strength and refuge. May God heal your broken hearts and soothe your aching souls.

I love you all...
Amy Denson Decker
Rockingham, North Carolina

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you all. You have shown a courage that only God can supply. What an amazing example you have set for unbelievers. May the peace of God which transcends all understanding be with you during this time. I know the Lord will comfort you during this time and during the time to come. You all are in my prayers.
Andrea Dillon

Anonymous said...

Hello our "Family" our hearts are breaking into little pieces Our prayers are with each one of you. It is a very, very sad day for us that are left here on this earth, but oh what a reunion with Jenni and Marie (my special sister) Love to all of you Becky & Danny

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