Thursday, March 19, 2009

Minor Update & Thank You

First of all, I want to mention a few things that Layne hasn't. He tends to be a lot less wordy than I am and that's probably a good thing, but I'm going to keep blabbing on here either way and add a few points that, alongside the other news, seem rather minor but I feel should be mentioned:
  • The chest tube in Jenni's left side is useless at this point, and they clamped it off yesterday. The doctors intend to remove it today. I asked if removing it would be more traumatic than leaving it but Dr. Katz explained that if it isn't functioning, it is more dangerous in than out (and Judi agreed). Out it will go.
  • Jenni's labs are showing signs of improvement in both the blood and the kidneys. The kidneys are probably only improving because of the dialysis (because she is still on several of the drugs that negatively affect the kidneys), but the improved blood work is a good sign, in my humble opinion. Yesterday was also the second day in a row that Jenni didn't need a blood transfusion.
  • Jenni's temperature dropped yesterday morning, so they put her under a heated blanket. Her temperature returned to normal, but I hope they keep the heated blanket. If she was awake and aware right now, she would want it on, so I hope it will still be there when I get there in the morning.

Now that those points are out there, I want to thank everyone who has been checking on Jenni...
  • everyone who has continued to pray
  • those of you who have helped accumulate the 7000+ visits over the last three days that I could check the numbers (and probably several times that number before Google Analytics started counting)
  • the people in all of the 18 countries who have visited the site (USA, Brazil, Canada, Finland, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, Panama, Israel, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Australia, Latvia, Spain, Denmark
  • the people in all of the 45 states who have visited
  • the 75 followers and 157 people who have signed up for email updates
  • the people whose traffic has generated over $1500 through Adsense to help pay the family's expenses as we stand vigil nearby
  • the people who have donated money, both online and in person... unfortunately I've lost count of the amount... but it has helped
 I hope I feel like updating more often. Describing this as a rollercoaster of emotions would be the underestimate of... the year? the decade? my lifetime? However, I feel confident today that things will be okay... I am not in control. We all know who is... and I trust Him.

And I want to give Layne a special thank you for taking over "updating the peeps" in the times I've been a wreck.

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Melissa said...

Josh, I'm glad you were able to update; I was getting worried about you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I've been praying and tell everyone I can so that there are as many people praying for you all as possible. I love you and Jenni! The Kidds

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for the positives, and we claim them all with you, Judi, and the family! We're so glad to hear from you, and we prayed during the night that this morning would bring some sunshine. Praying...still...keeping watch...keeping faith
Dan, Leeanne, Laboratory friends and loved ones

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again, Josh. We're still praying for you both.
Miranda, Chris, and the girls (Laboratory - Lincolnton)

Anonymous said...

Keep blabbing. We missed you the last few days and were concerned about you. We are praying continuously.
Dan P.

Anonymous said...

Josh I so excited to see there is a change in Jenni's kidney it may be a small victory but we will take that, it is just a small step closer to her recovery. Again I cant express if you guys need anything please dont hesitate to again I have been there and know what it is like to be waiting on pins and needles. Hope today is a bright day for all of you. Take care and keep your head to the ground because he is in control.
Have a Blessed Day
Lucy Hammonds

Anonymous said...

We are grateful for Jenni's small steps. I am thankful for your updates (Layne's too). I check the blog several times a day and am happy to hear about Jenni's improvements. We are all pulling for her and will continue to pray for you all.

UNCP Teaching Fellows

Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear of some improvement this morning, PRAISE THE LORD. We have been praying for you guys. Faith Holiness Church has you all in our prayers! God Bless you today and remember FAITH is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen!!!!! God is still in the miracle working business !!!!!!!
Lori Harper - Aprilbug's Mom

Anonymous said...

I am sure it is hard for all of you to see Jenni suffering but your love and our Heavenly Father will pull her through this. Jenni is strong. I was telling someone yesterday about when she was in classes here at UNCP and she was so sick. She would come in the office and I could look at her and tell how bad she felt and she only missed 2 classes. She is very strong. You have to be strong for her and yourself. She will get better. Take care and you all are in our prayers. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Lynn-UNCP Teaching Fellows secretary

Blue Devil said...

You're still in our thoughts and prayers! Dawn B.

Anonymous said...

Matt and I have been checking the blog constantly and praying. I spoke with Benji (Helms from Food Lion) and he said to let you know that you are in his prayers and he hates this happening to you. He wasn't sure if you would remember him or not but I'm not sure if you can forget Benji....

Stay Strong!!!!
Matt and Makia Clark

Anonymous said...

Josh & Family,
Just to say that any progress is great to hear! The folks at Samaria Baptist are in constant prayer for all of you. It is a beautiful day outside; one that I'm sure Jenni would enjoy, so hopefully that will bring God's beauty to her inside as well. He is present in the sunshine and the rain. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do. God Bless, Sophia Phelps, Secretary

Our Little Sipe Family said...

Thanks for letting me crash in the waiting room last night. I'm grateful to hear more good news. I miss each of you already-- but will see you on Saturday! Bunches of love!!

Anonymous said...

Josh glad to see you back updating. Layne's updates were much appreciated as well. We are so glad that there has been some improvements. We will praise the Lord for any good news. I know this has to be a difficult time for you and just wanted you to know we are here for you. We are coming up Saturday and if you need anything just let us know. WE love you all. Ps. you be a blabby as you want:) Sending prayers Katie and Chris Nichols

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Josh, Glad youre back (Not that Layne didnt do a great job.) You blab as much as you like. We are all here for you, and praying for Jenni, your families, and the DR's and nurses.

Beth & Nic Hall

Anonymous said...

I heard about Jenni from my Teaching Fellows director and assistant director. I truly hope for the best (and soon) for Jenni. You're both in my thoughts.

Jessica Kimrey
UNCG Teaching Fellows 08-09 Communications Chair
UNCG Teaching Fellows 09-10 Secretary

Carolina Basketball said...

Jenni and Josh,

Carolina Basketball wanted to let you know that you are in our hearts and prayers. Please stay strong and know that we are thinking about you. We know you have cheered us on for many years, and now we are cheering you on.

Please take care,
Roy Williams and the Carolina Basketball Team

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