Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moving Back to 9200

I just left the room because they are moving Jenni back to the ABMT unit and they don't let visitors walk with the patients while they are being moved. We're excited because there aren't visitation limits and the nurses are a lot more sociable on 9200 (as a group... there are exceptions on both floors). I'm outside of the unit, waiting for her to make it upstairs. I'm a little calmer after this morning's mess, but I'm still planning to talk to a patient advocate about the issue. I just don't think it is right to make a husband leave while the doctors make decisions about his wife.

In any case, her oxygen levels haven't improved but she's stable and she is a lot more alert than she has been the last few days. I think it is because they haven't given her many pain medications today. Hopefully, her joint pain won't return and she won't need the pain medication at all. That would be awesome.


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